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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Part X - I Don't Wear Brooches! A Series on Ways to Repurpose Vintage Brooches

This is the final post in my series on fun, simple ways to use vintage brooches. For the 10th post we'll talk about belts! A vintage brooch can turn a belt into a work of art with a few simple techniques!

First - The scarf belt and using a vintage brooch as the fastener - If you have vintage scarves already this is a great way to combine both!

Second - Skinny metal belt with brooch - This is a simple way to slide a brooch over the belt and add some flair to a goldtone belt!

Third - Ribbon Belt - again ribbons are your best friend! Look how elegant a simple ribbon held with a vintage brooch can be on a dress!

Fourth - The leather belt and brooch. For this I recommend a large brooch. Since leather is so hard to puncture you need a brooch that can fasten around the leather. Try to find a brooch that's pin is just a bit wider than the width of the belt and if possible use a thin leather belt, this will give you the most successful results.

This concludes my series on simple, quick, unusual ways to use vintage brooches. If you missed the rest of the series be sure to go back and look at posts 1-9!

Which idea was your favorite? Which one inspired you? The next time you see a vintage brooch will you say "This brooch is beautiful, but I don't wear brooches?"


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