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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Part III - I Don't Wear Brooches! A Series on Ways to Repurpose Vintage Brooches

This is post three in a series about how to repurpose vintage brooches. Yesterday's topic was about creating ribbon necklaces and today's idea plays off of that topic. The idea of the day is using those same ribbon necklaces to create headbands!

Ribbon Headband 

If you designed a ribbon necklace with either a single brooch or a few brooches at a mid-length size you're golden. You can simply pop your hair up in a pony tail and tie the ribbon around your head. If you have short hair this idea works for you too!

Elastic Headband 

If the ribbon doesn't work for your hair, I know with my fine hair a ribbon doesn't always stay in place, you can easily spruce up an elastic headband. You can get these very cheap at a dollar store or pharmacy store, usually for under $5 for multiple colors. I like these because the thickness of the headband holds up well to the weight of a brooch. Just pop the brooch on to the headband and you're good to go!


Hard Headband

The third option is to place the brooch on a traditional hard headband. I prefer to find ones that are fabric covered for this application. That way you can put the brooch through the fabric and not worry about damaging the brooch or having it slide down the headband. Or if you get the super cute double row of pearl headbands you can easily attach the brooch to the pearls (which keeps it from sliding).

So the next time you see a vintage brooch, don't hesitate - you can really wear it!

Stay tuned for the next idea!

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