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Monday, April 16, 2012

Crafty Me - Earring Display

Final product.
I was looking for ways to spice up my display for shows when I came across this idea for creating a showpiece out of a picture frame. I just so happen to keep a look out for neat frames when I'm estate sale shopping - so I had the perfect frame ready to go! It's a pretty simple process - but the end result is awesome!

Step One - Frame Selection

I really liked this frame because it had a slightly vintage/old-fashioned look to it. Plus the details add depth. If you use a flat frame your jewelry will stick out past the frame and it'll look a bit odd. Choose a frame that has about an inch worth of depth in it. It'll offset your jewelry nicely. You'll want to remove the glass from the frame, or if you have frames that are missing glass already this is a great way to repurpose them! Also, make sure the frame you select has a stand already or be willing to purchase an easel of some sort. (Tip - I often use plate holders as little easels for displaying purses and jewelry, so if you have a big enough one you could put the frame in it like an easel.) The final thing to keep in mind when selecting your frame is "What will you be displaying?" A normal 8x10 frame is great for earrings, but you wouldn't be able to put many necklaces on it. A larger frame will give you room for more necklaces or bigger pieces of jewelry.

Step Two - Select Your Backing

The "Too Busy" Background
I tried a few a few different backgrounds before landing on the green one above. The first one I picked had too much going on. I was trying to be thrifty and use up some existing contact paper I had, but it just didn't work (see photo). So the next step I took was trying to find a background that would make my jewelry pop, but still either look vintage or match my brand. My business cards and promotional materials all use a green striped pattern and I decided I'd find some scrap fabric in similar greens to my promotional materials. The bright, limey green really did make a difference. The color attracts attention, while not stealing any of the glory from the jewelry. I also picked up some ribbon because I realized to keep my wire from sagging too much I was going to need to pop in a support staple and I wanted to hide that. I recommend a solid color or a very subtle pattern when picking your background. I also suggest either contact paper or a thin fabric. These materials will hold up better than just paper and help hide the back of the photo frame.

Step Three - Assembly

For this you'll need the following items:
  • Your chosen fabric or contact paper
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Photo hanging wire or jewelry making wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors 
The process:
  1. Place your fabric on a smooth surface, put the back of the photo frame on it and measure 1/2in away from each side of the frame backing. This will be the piece of fabric you'll attach to the frame.
  2. Cut out your fabric pattern.
  3. Using the staple gun attach the fabric to the frame backing - be sure to keep the fabric taunt so there are no wrinkles on the board. 
  4. Measure out your wire lengths. Make the wire one inch longer than the photo frame board, giving  you a 1/2in on each side. Cut out four pieces of wire for an 8x10 frame. (If you're hanging longer pieces of jewelry you'll need to adjust your measurements to fit. Start with one piece of wire and see what space you need for your pieces)
  5. Staple wire to the back of the frame - make sure it's taunt. Space each wire about an 1 1/2in apart and apply all four wires. 
  6. Staple the center of the wires on the front of the frame for support. 
  7. Cut a 1in wide ribbon piece to be 1in longer than the middle of the picture frame. 
  8. Cover the center support staples with ribbon and staple ribbon to the back of the frame board. 
  9. Insert frame board into the frame and secure. 
  10. Attach your earrings!
Key Take Aways:
  • Pick a frame with at least 1in in depth
  • Think about what you're displaying and choose the right size frame
  • Pick a background that doesn't overwhelm your jewelry
  • Use a fabric or contact paper background for long-term wear


  1. Very nice! I use a vintage frame to hold my personal earring collection. It's just got screening stapled in it, but it works great!

  2. Thanks! I love the screen idea for post earrings!

  3. I've seen lace used as well and it's gorgeous.


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