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Monday, April 9, 2012

Part VII - I Don't Wear Brooches! A Series on Ways to Repurpose Vintage Brooches

The seventh installment of the series on ways to repurpose vintage brooches focuses on a woman's most needed accessory - a purse! We've all done it, bought a purse or a clutch for one night only. Whether it be prom, a wedding, a fancy dinner out, etc. Well now's your chance to learn how to take an existing clutch or purse and spruce it up for your next special occasion! You'll save money and be pleasantly surprised by all the possibilities.

I like to start with a basic - either a white, black or gray purse. From here you can make it fit any outfit based on the brooch or brooches you choose to brighten it up!

Here are a couple of options for where you can place the brooch to add some spice!

For a more casual look:

 Black Tie:

For a pop of color:


  1. So do you just pin it on or do you use an adhesive, like hot glue? I'm thinking that once you poke holes in a purse, you probably won't want to take the pin off and some pins tend to flop.

  2. @RiCharmed - I like to leave that open to people to choose if they want to glue it permanently or not. I usually don't glue them that way I can switch out brooches to match different outfits. Doing this I cover up any pin holes because I try to use the same holes when I switch out brooches.

    You are right about the weight of the brooch - sometimes it takes a little experimenting to find the right fit for the application you want to use. That's why there's a much smaller brooch on the envelope style clutch! Anything bigger didn't stay right.


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