Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Part VIII - I Don't Wear Brooches! A Series on Ways to Repurpose Vintage Brooches

This eighth installment of the series on ways to use vintage brooches is about hats! It's getting close to the Kentucky Derby and now that it's sunny and beautiful it's the perfect time to bring out your wicker sun hats and spruce them up this year with a vintage brooch!

I love taking floppy brim hats that are simple and adding a brooch or two to make them sparkle. This is also a great way to reuse that ribbon necklace we talked about in Part II of the series.

I also liked the idea of taking a men's hat and making it a bit girly by adding a shiny brooch like in the photo below. It's a great way to combine the trend of menswear for women with your accessories.

Hats are the perfect place to get creative with a brooch. Add some feathers for pizazz and ribbons for color and texture and the combinations are endless!

So the next time you see a vintage brooch think about all the ways you can use! I promise - you can really wear it!

Stay tuned, there will be two more posts in this series!

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