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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where to Find Me Next - June Randolph Street Market

It's here! The June Randolph Street Market is sure to be a good time! Come check out all the fun! Don't forget us inside folks either. You can shop our booths while cooling down from all the outside fun! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Update - I don't wear brooches! 10 Ways to Style Vintage Brooches

For those of you who may have missed my 10-part series on new or creative ways to wear vintage brooches this is an update! I went to a fun fashion meet and greet the other day and I wanted to show how vintage pieces could be made to look modern and fashion forward. So that morning I got up, pulled three vintage pieces from my shop collection and put together the necklace you see to the right.

I loved it! Hopefully you'll like it as well or be inspired to create a fashion statement with a vintage brooch of your own!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Dresses - A Photo Blog

I love dresses and this summer florals are huge, which is great for vintage lovers. Here's a photo blog of some of my favorite dresses and prints in my shop!













The Vendors at this Week's Soulard Craft & Art Show!

The list of folks vending this Saturday from 9-2pm in the Soulard Market Park has been announced! Where I could I've created hot links for the vendor's sites/shops!! Check us out!

Business Name Booth #
Sister's Gra 1
Earth Star Designs 2
Whitty Creations 3
Handmade Family 4
Beltshazzar Jewels 5
Emily's Escape / Brian Anderson 6
Handbuilder 7
HBhandmades 9
Beqi clothing (sharing with Karen) 10
Binx Ceramic (Sharing with Beqi) 10
Villa Design 11
South City Studio 12
DownZipper Sewing 13
The Sewing Baier 14

Scarlett and Maria 21
The Sassy Seamstress 22
Justenuff Scents, LLC 23
Vintage Baubles & Bits 24
FAB Designs 25
Hemptress Designs (formerly Homemade Hemp by Kandy) 26
whimsy bomb 27
Windfall Arts 28
Envisage Vintage Jewelry 29
wild things 30
Joy's Creations 31
Spring Street Jewelry 33
Lindsay Marie Designs 34
ViviLee Jewelry 35
densmithart 36
Suzeesjewls 37
Adrienne's Angels 38
grumpyoldgoat 39
Bridget Fainne 40
Shay Norton Designs 41
pairabelles 50
Gertie McFarlands Paper Goods & Whimsies 51
Canopy Jewelry 52
Faux Front 53
Karmik Kreations 54
My Way Mosaics 55
Lady Starlight Glassworks 56
Dess Handbags  57
Key of A 58
T&J "Too Cute" Teacup Art 59
Safety Pups 60


Monday, June 11, 2012

Where to Find Me Next - June Soulard Arts & Crafts Show

Soulard Market Park - June 16th

Once a month in the park just to the south of the Soulard Farmer's Market there will be a craft, art, vintage and antique market. It'll be open from 9am-2pm on the third Saturday of each month. I've signed up for all four shows - so be sure to come out and visit, get some great produce and support local businesses!


June 16th - 9-2pm
July 21st - 9-2pm
August 18th - 9-2pm

Find a map here!