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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Trip Home - Antiquing in Ohio

This past weekend one of my closest friends from college got married. I drove home a day early to make sure I made it to the wedding on time (getting up at 4am on Saturday didn't seem all the fun) and then had some time to kill with another former college roommate before the wedding. We decided to visit the little shops in the main strip of Bellville, Ohio and see what we could find.

Our first stop was Rainbow Antiques. This place is much larger than it looks outside and there was a lot to look at, including an entire room of LPs and records! I found a Fenton slipper I didn't have, but it was chipped (which ended up being the theme of the weekend...) I also found another Westmoreland Fairy Lamp. I saw the first one at one of the Illinois consignment shops (The Lighthouse) and thought it was really cool. I think if I decide to expand my collection this will be next on the list. No purchases were made however...

Next we drove a big circle around the town trying to find this Prairie Peddler place, which we never did find. So if anyone know where this store actually is I'd love to know!

Finally we followed a winding road to almost directly behind where we started to go to Pumpkin Hollow. This place was really cute, it had a little cafe, ice cream stand and then the antiques. I found two more slippers that I didn't have, both chipped!! I was so bummed. There is one thing I regret not purchasing while we were there, which was this old nail care kit - it was reasonably priced and really neat, I just wasn't sure what I'd do with it...

On Sunday I had some time to kill before I needed to meet up with my mom, stepdad and brother for lunch and so I stopped at the Heart of Ohio Antiques Center on 70. I haven't been here before and I think I could spend days here! This place has over 850 stalls. I made it through one of three wings in an hour and I was hoofing it, I really wish I had more time here. I found a few sets of the West Virginia glassware I collect, but I already had two of them and the third wasn't in the best condition, even though it would have been a neat addition. No purchases sadly, but I want to go back again!

Finally on the way back to St. Louis I stopped in Centerville, Indiana at Webb's Antiques. I forgot I'd been here once before, but they always have a good collection of Fenton slippers. I ended up purchasing two boots and two slippers and I also found another West Virginia pitcher set to add to my collection!

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