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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trip from St. Louis to Columbia

I've been driving 70 W to and from Columbia for work recently and I keep seeing two antique shops that I've been dying to hit, but I never seem to have the time... until the last week in August when I made the stop at Artichoke Annie's and Applewagon!

Both shops have a lot to look at. AA (Artichoke Annie's) is bigger and organized a bit better. I'd say they have around 200 individual stalls here. It's a beautiful shop, most of the stalls are well-tended and you'll find a lot to look at. My visit was quite successful! I managed to find four sets of the pitchers and glasses I collect, one I already had, one was in bad shape, but the other two were just awesome! I purchased a round orange pitcher with six matching orange glasses and a little yellow juice pitcher with four tiny yellow cups. I've posted photos of the store front and my finds!

Applewagon has two sides, one that's home decor and all new items and then the consignment shop side. I was a bit disappointed until I found a beautiful collection of depression glass. The gentleman who rents these stalls has the most detailed and best collection of depression glass I've ever seen. Everything is labeled with the manufacturer, design and time frame in which they were developed. If I had a real dining room I'd purchase an antique hutch and fill it with either pink or blue depression glass! I didn't find anything for myself at this one, but it's a good place to search through.

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