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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The first meeting of Thrifty Loo Meet Up

I joined a Meetup group focusing on thrift store shopping and antiquing. I helped to provide ideas for the first meetup, sadly it was on a very busy weekend here in St. Louis, so we only got three takers, but I hope I showed them a good time in one of my favorite areas of the city - the Cherokee Antique District.

I guided folks down the Cherokee strip - stopping at Ruth's and the Cherry Bomb, two of my favorites! We also stopped in at China Finders and several other shops along the strip. Finishing things off with authentic Mexican food at the little taco stand in the little Mexico portion of the street.

I only made one purchase - but I think it was a well done buy! I happen to love the purses at Cherry Bomb and I found this awesome wooden and woven handbag that I used that very night when I went out for my birthday!

Can't wait until the next outing!

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