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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Up Experience Two - Morganford

Well I'm a bit bummed, I planned a Meet Up at TFA (The Future Antiques) on Morganford and had around 8 people originally going, we were to hit up TFA, the Vintage Haberdashery and then head to the Tin Can for cheap eats and drinks. As the morning approached all of my "yes" responses with the exception of one changed to no and all of my "maybes" but one also backed out. So I went anyways, hoping that the one remaining "yes" and "maybe" would show, to no avail. I went ahead and visited both shops anyways since I'd made the trip and it was at least worth my time!

I happened to find two glass and pitcher sets that actually had the logo sticker still on them! Finally I know who makes the sets I collect - West Virginia Glass Company. I'm excited to do some research and learn a bit more about the new collection I'm starting!

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