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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Fenton Collection

So I finally cataloged all my Fenton slippers and put them in my Iphone, which has been one of the most handy applications for my phone! I'm able to put notes in the phone and keep a running list of my collections and purchases, which helps me as I find new shops, I'll post about my system at another time, but it's been very efficient.

So I have currently the following:

11 Hobnail Cat Head Slippers
11 Boots
2 Small Slippers (don't know what they call this style yet)
3 Elf Slippers
8 Swirl Pattern Cat Head Slippers
11 Daisy and Button Cat Head Slippers
13 Rose Pattern Slippers

For a total of 59 Fenton shoes.

I was joking the other day about this, but it is kinda true, my family collects these slippers, so it's amusing that we collect a nice line of glass, but we collect the cheapest item amongst this line. Oh well, I love them still!

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