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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Weekend's Thrift Experience

Well this is probably going to be the first blog with no photos...

I happened to be in the Lindbergh area this weekend and I was really looking for some gear to wear to the Pirate Festival, my friends were going with peasant tops and long skirts with scarves tied around the waist and, of course, I wanted to fit in.

I ended up at the Goodwill almost across from Ronnie's theater on Lindbergh. They had a great selection of jeans. I know one of the other ladies in the Thrifty Loo group likes to look for jeans to deconstruct and the selection here was good, but other than that I wasn't too impressed. I'm curious to know if anyone else has ever purchased used electronics from Goodwill and what the results were. I've been looking for a food processor that is at least a quart capacity and I found a few at Goodwill, but I'm nervous to buy them and have them either not work or work poorly.

I didn't end up finding anything here, but I was looking for something pretty specific.

After the Goodwill I headed to Lemay Ferry Road and went south and found Family Thrift Center at 2500 Lemay Ferry. They had a great selection of clothing, all color coordinated by length of shirt sleeves . They have a horrible changing room, very dirty and sketchy, but I think if you were looking for a good clothing thrift, this place has a lot and much of the things they had still had tags. No peasant shirt/skirt were found though and I left empty-handed.

So after the depressing shopping adventure I had I headed home and came across a new vintage shop that had opened within the past two months near my house - called Cool Stuff Really Cheap. It's similar in style to TFA and the Cherry Bomb, but the prices are a bit more reasonable. Less clothing here and a lot more furniture/bigger items. I found a silver chain necklace that had a single pink block of what I think is lucite with a carving in it and a really cute little makeup bag with a Victorian lady and a small child playing dress up on it that I'm giving as birthday/wedding gifts to my friend Sarah this weekend. Hopefully she'll love them as much as I did! They wrapped them for me, which is why I don't have photos, but believe me, they were cute!

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  1. You didn't mention where they were located so I thought I'd ask how to get there (I'm thinking of dropping by there today or tomorrow.)


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