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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Conquering the Pink Elephant!

Ok, so this may be an odd "phobia," but I really don't like pink elephants, it's all something that started when I was a kid and I watched Dumbo and I started having reoccurring nightmares about being trampled by Pink Elephants on parade... So imagine my shock/amusement when this week while I was traveling up 55 N to Springfield, IL and I found the Pink Elephant - antique store! So I just had to go back today and have a look. I mean who could pass up a store with a giant elephant, giant man and a ice cream cone shaped building?

However, I wasn't able to find much that I really liked at this store. Everything was crammed in so tightly that I was afraid I'd break something. Someone else wasn't as fortunate and did - quite a mess! I did purchase one shoe, non-Fenton, but it matches a few others my grandpa gave me.

I remembered that there was another shop further up the road, but I didn't happen to find the one I was looking for. However, I did stumble upon two other consignment shops at exit 60 on 55 N. One was called the Lighthouse and the other Lisa's Antiques. I of course stopped at both. I found one Fenton hobnail slipper at the Lighthouse, but struck gold at Lisa's when I found a Fenton boot and a slipper, along with another pitcher and glass set!

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