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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally - A Few Sales

I stopped by the South County Antique Mall today to take a few things out of my case (619) to either put on Ebay or take to the Belleville Flea Market next month. A brief view of the case let me know that at least people had been looking. The vintage monkeys were moved around, the 10-piece manicure set had been moved and several of the purses were in different spots, but I could really only spot one or two things that weren't in the case, so I knew at the very least I had sold one item. The item I knew was gone was this gorgeous pearl and cameo choker. Ironically I was planning on taking that one out of the case to give to one of my sisters for Christmas because I thought she'd love it. So apparently I'll be figuring out something else instead!

When I got to the front to pay for my second full month of rent the manager let me know that September is almost always the slowest month at the antique mall. He thinks it has something to do with the starting of school and all the money parents send getting their kids ready for the new school year. He pulled my report and I'd actually sold two items, the choker and this really neat brush and mirror set with intricate handles, turquoise backing and pink roses - they were just a beautiful set. I almost wish I'd asked more than $10 for them!

So after a month and a half and $90 I've banked $19.80, not exactly breaking even on the cost of the case like I had hoped. I've told myself that I'll stick it out through the end of the year at least. The manager mentioned that if I had any Halloween or Christmas items that I should get them in ASAP. I hadn't planned on buying any holiday specific items, but apparently they sell really well, so maybe I'll keep my eyes peeled for some unique and vintage holiday items to add to my booth...

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