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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Case 619

So the second leg of my antiquing and vintage selling plan is Case 619 at the South County Antique Mall (see link). I have a lot of what the industry calls "smalls" or in other words not a lot of furniture or other large, bulky items and much of what I am selling does better being in a glass case. I started my case mid-way through August and was really proud of how well it looked. I checked out the cases around me and I felt I really stood out, but I sold nothing the month of August and I'm not doing so hot in September either.

I chatted with folks about cases and they recommend switching things up, adding new stuff, moving items around and making sure pricing is easy to see. So I went back and put place cards with descriptions and prices on key items I wanted to call out and I double checked my prices with similar items in the mall and felt mine were fairly reasonable and usually better, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong.

I am open to any tips folks involved in this industry may have on ways to improve. I've told myself I'm willing to make the investment through the end of the year and if I lose the $270 I pay for the space for the four and a half months hopefully I'll learn from the lesson...

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