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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Most Awesome Sewing Table Ever!

On a weekend that we didn't feel like hitting up estate sales, Chad and I went on a visit to thrift stores - mainly hitting as many Goodwill locations as possible in a day! Well, maybe not that extreme :) We ventured into the Goodwill on Forest Park Parkway and after wondering through the glassware and finding some pretty cool Halloween decorations we headed to the furniture department. That's where I fell in love with this gorgeous Singer sewing machine table with an updated sewing machine from New Home.

It was obvious that the table itself had been painted at some point, but it made the table very shabby chic and the wrought iron base was in great condition - it even had all of it's little wheels in place! But the kicker that really sold me on the table was all the detail in the drawers and the inlay that was on the sides of the table. I'd seen several Singer tables in my estate sale, antiquing and thrifting adventures, but never had I seen a table that had the cutouts in the drawers and was just in such great condition.

I decided I had to have it. Chad wasn't so sure it was something I truly needed, but I couldn't walk away. So I paid them the $75 they wanted for the table and we lugged the heavy thing and forced it into the back seat of my car.

After getting it home I did a little more exploring, only to discover that most of the drawers actually had items in them for sewing, old bobbins and needles and the kicker - the original manual for the New Home sewing machine. As I looked through the manual I discovered that the previous owner had filled in the lifetime warrenty and she had dated it - October of 1963! My mom will hate this, since the sewing machine is just a year older than her, but it's pretty awesome to find a sewing machine from the 60s. To top that off, she left the sales receipt in the manual as well, so I know she spent $189 on the sewing machine itself in 1963, which wasn't chump change. This table really meant something to her when you see all the work she put into it.

I took it to the flea market my first time out and it got a lot of attention, but no one wanted to pay the $125 for it that I was asking for. My thought is if I don't sell it I will gladly keep it in my house, I think it's just beautiful. In fact I'll likely kick myself if I do sell it, because I'm sure I'll never find another table like it...

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