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Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Flea Market - As a Vendor That Is

So I've been quite on my blog lately as I've really started to gear up for creating a small antiquing and vintage side business. Now I don't have a fancy name or anything special in terms of marketing, but I'm trying several different legs of a plan to hopefully at least break even on this little endeavor of mine. I realize I should have been posting photos along the way and sharing my finds, so pardon the order, but when I have time I think I'll go back so some of my cooler finds/great deals and share those as well.

Last weekend was the first time I've officially set myself up as a vendor at a flea market. I spent some time researching the markets within about a 30 mile radius of St. Louis and really, none of them compared to the quality of the Belleville Flea Market.Since I was new and a late-comer I ended up in the annex, or in fairground terms - "the Barn."

Overall the space wasn't terrible for $36 for a weekend I get a 10x20 space, which I was afraid I wouldn't fill up, but I did! My first day I was pretty bummed. We had beautiful weather, hundreds of people were at the market, but no one was buying. I sold four items and basically made just enough to cover the cost of the space for the weekend. So I told myself to be happy, at least I didn't lose money right? The big ticket item I sold on Saturday was a little nightstand table that had a secret spin open drawer where you could place your sewing supplies, complete with little spool holders and cut outs to hold buttons. It was very cute and I think a steal at $30.

The next day we dealt with a torrential downpour for the morning, which on Sundays I learned is ok, things don't usually pick up until around 11:30 to 12 once people get out of church. I doubled my sold number on Sunday for a grand total of 12 items - but managed to get rid of a couple of heavier/bulky items that lightened my pack up for home.

The grand total of my weekend adventure was $132, netting me just shy of $100 after paying for the booth, but when you figure what I had paid for the items my profits were much lower, lol.

The best thing about this first experience was the willingness of the other vendors to help each other out, like watching each others booths when bathroom breaks were needed and giving tips on pricing and bartering. I've learned I'm keeping my prices as is, but I'm willing to "negotiate" so the other person feels like they're getting more of a deal, I think this will be helpful the next time I participate.

If you're in the St. Louis area I'll be at the market again next month - In spot 12 in the Barn for the weekend of Oct. 16th and 17th. Come see me, I've found some pretty cool items since last time and will have many new things in the booth!

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