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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does Ebay Really Work?

So I started the third prong of my selling tactics - posting items on Ebay. It took a bit to get started, I had to set up my Paypal account to be able to accept payments, set up an account for them to charge each month for the fees associated with your postings and then you have to upload all the photos you need and fill out the forms to actually post items.

I think I've done well in getting set up, but everything took longer than I thought it would. Plus the only way to do have free/cheap postings is to only use one photo and start the bidding at 99 cents. If you do anything other than that there are all sorts of fees associated with the process. Extra for each photo, extra to do a Buy It Now option, extra for postage options and the list just goes on! I was surprised at how they quite literally nickel and dime you. My cheapest posting was 10 cents, so hopefully that pays off. I just have a fear that when I start things out at 99 cents I'm going to end up losing money on the process.

Any tips from frequent Ebay sellers? Is it worth it to pay the upfront costs to set prices? Do things really sell better if they're marked at 99 cents to start like the site claims? I'm open to suggestions!!

My Ebay Items:

German Crystal Bowl

Green Glass Footed Bowl

Square Pressed Glass Bowl

Monocle Poltical Satire Magazines

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