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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wallach House Adventures Part 1

A few months back I shut down my case at the South County Antique Mall after a seven month test in which I only broke even one month. Very disappointing to say the least. At $65 a month for a case plus a 10% commission rate it's just hard to make money, especially when I price my pieces really reasonably. So I took a few months off from the case and just sold at flea markets and on eBay (foobar252). I was searching for a new home for my case in the meantime.

I happened to head down to Eureka again in March or April for an estate sale and stopped by the shops there. Eureka has an antique mall, the Wallach House and the Great Midwest Antique Mall, so lots of options and definitely an antiquer destination. Wallach House just seemed to fit. It's a cross between antiques, gourmet foods, gifts and more. This place is definitely a woman's shop! So I felt like my pretty girlie things would do well here and I began to research the opportunity to become a part of the shop.

Read more in Part 2

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