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Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Flea Market Location

Last weekend I scouted out the Truman Markets in St. Charles, MO and was pretty impressed. They're in a temporary site, but they have two huge white tents that are enclosed and placed over gravel and paved walkways - much nicer than being in the barn at Belleville and dealing with the mud when it rained! On top of that they've arranged to have heaters in the tents to help keep them warm and are going to see if that will make them viable for the winter.

What makes this so great is that I now have winter options that I wasn't sure I was going to have after the barn shut down for the cold months at Belleville. On top of that this market runs Friday-Sunday every weekend, which means that I can pick and choose the weekends I have free to book my space and it's more flexible, which works great for my schedule. Bonus number three - it's cheaper for a weekend than it was to be in the barn at Belleville! For $15 a day I can have a 10x10 booth, which is $3 a day cheaper than Belleville.

This market seemed pretty nice. I picked a bad time to go and judge traffic (Sunday mornings are always slow) but that gave me time to actually chat with vendors about their experience at this market, traffic and to scope out competition. The market has a lot of variety - there are food vendors ranging from kettle corn to empanadas, crafting people (there's a lady who makes fleece hoodies for pups and I want to get Pan and Freya one each for Christmas) and then there are the antique/vintage folks and your average "garage sale" type folks that you find at flea markets.

I'll have my first booth there this weekend from 9-4pm Saturday and Sunday, so if you're in the neighborhood you should come on out! Take the Cave Springs exit off of 70 and head North toward Truman, if you keep going you can't miss the tents about 3 miles down the road!!

I'll post about my success, or lack there of later. I'm also trying out a dollar jewelry table and a dollar box to see if that will help me just sell items in general. Yay for a weekend of experimentation!

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