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Friday, August 19, 2011

On Ebay This Week - Schumann Bavaria Reticulated Bowl

So last summer I was at a huge estate sale - talk about hoarding! This estate sale lasted two weekends Friday, Saturday, Sunday each weekend! Six full days and on the last Sunday of the sale you couldn't tell that things had even sold there was so much stuff! I actually hit this sale both weekends and found something new each time I went. The final piece I bought from this sale I knew nothing about, other than it was pretty. It was this neat old china bowl with a gorgeous print. It's taken me a year and multiple online searches to finally discover the name of the pattern and what I have up for sale on ebay this week is a Schumann Bavaria Reticulated Bread Bowl that depicts a scene known as "Dice Players Urchin."

Schumann is a very popular brand of china that was produced between 1881-1996 in the Bavarian region of Germany. It's a well marked brand - often depicting a crowned lion as it's symbol, so at least that gave me a strong start to my research. But due to the length of time they produced China there are literally hundreds of Schumann patterns. Though not as many that actual depict scenes or people. So that at least helped me narrow down my search - but searching three different times in the past I was never able to find the pattern until just two weeks ago.

Dice Players is a commonly reproduced scene of beggar children throwing dice. This scene is in transfer and was reproduced by many other manufacturers, including R. S. Prussia, after the original painting by Spanish artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo, 1618-1682. (Source: R. S. Prussia Popular Lines, Mary Frank Gaston, page 22). Murillo produced several paintings portraying some of the street children of his time and place. They have commonly been referred to as street urchins and beggars. Schumann did a series with Murillo paintings, but this pattern isn't even on Replacements' site, which is usually referred to as the Bible of all china patterns.

This is a stunning reticulated or "pierced" bowl often called a bread bowl because of it's shape and style.  It is 13 in long by 7 in wide and about 2 in deep. Excellent condition. c.mid-20th century. Very unique!

 Ebay Seller Name: foobar252

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