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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Keeping up With Trends Part 5

Very hot this summer is the reemergence of florals. I have a love/hate relationship with floral prints, some can be great, but I am forever scarred by the floral leggings my mom made me wear in 5th grade.

However I love floral accents and tasteful floral accessories, like the killer retro and vintage flower earrings in my collection. I also adore this paste flower pin I found at an estate sale, it's so delicate and in fabulous condition. Finding one with all the petals intact is a rarity!

I also find myself drawn to the West Germany porcelain pieces with beautiful roses and compacts with floral motifs like those in the photo. I think a well placed flower pin can really amp up an outfit or serve as a beautiful, attention getting piece.

My signature, non-jewelry piece is the beautiful Reuge Swiss music box. It's a pleasure to look at and sounds just wonderful.

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