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Friday, November 5, 2010

Second Flea Market - Success!

So I learned from my first flea market - be ready to haggle and start offering some lower price options. In order to do this I made a "Dollar Box" and put items in it that I had gotten in auctions that just happened to be in a box with something else I really wanted. It seemed to work pretty well. Basically I consider those "free" or "bonus" items anyways and anything I can sell is a good thing!

At least this time around I broke the $200 mark, which for me made it a very good weekend!!

What I sold:

Red Dietz Lantern - $5
Wagner Roasting Pan - $20
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bottle Opener - $1
Candlesticks - $1
Heart bracelet - $1
Unicorn pin - $1
Brown and blue beaded belts - $11
Two gold compacts - $20
Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch - $17
Sterling silver hat and sword candle snuffer - $10
School desk - $20
Monocle magazine - $10
Antique watch parts - $1
Blue swan candy dish - $5
Blue and silver spider pin - $8
Nightgowns - $30
Blue glass pitcher with 5 glasses - $10
5 tier corner shelf - $15
70s Barbie - $10
White bracelet - $4
Wooden Duck -  $1
Flower Frog - $1

 Finally what felt like a good day!

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