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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Stuff

The last time I had gone in to the South County Antique Mall to check on my case (619 for those of you in St. Louis), I was asking the manager what sells. He said now was the time to start putting up holiday items. I commented back that I didn't really have anything like that and wasn't really sure I wanted to get into it and he replied "It sells." That's all I needed. I started scoping out Christmas items at auctions and managed to snag a box of pretty nice stuff.

I decided I'd string all the ornaments that weren't in boxes into sets and then I'd sell the sets. I put a curtain rod in my case to hold the strands of blown glass ornaments and I was pretty proud of my space saving, cool display idea. Sadly when I went to put them in the case my brilliant idea went up in smoke. As I was closing the case door the rod slipped and fell, causing me to loose more than half of the ornaments in a horrible display of shattering shards of multi-colored glass... Sadness :( On the up side, when I went to check on stuff today I had sold one Christmas item already - a 14-piece old nativity set that I really didn't think anyone would want... I only had $8 on it, but hey, at least it sold!!

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