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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Purses - Why I Love Them

So those of you who know me know I collect three things - Fenton glass slippers, West Virginia Glass Cocktail and Juice sets and vintage purses. I have a pension for Whiting and Davis metal purses, but I won't pass up a sweet wooden purse with Lucite handles, Lucite purses, beaded beauties and metal purses that aren't Whiting and Davis.

I hit the mother load this weekend at an auction and splurged on myself a little when I found some very beautiful, very unique vintage purses in a lot. Luckily I only had one competitive bidder! The auction was the estate of a gentleman who sold antiques and he had prices on several of the purses, so it was interesting to see how much he had wanted for them compared to how much I paid! The four purses I purchased cost $120, the two purses he had marked totaled $280, so with a rough guess I'd say that I bought around $550 in purses for my $120, not shabby at all! I've shopped enough antique malls and Ebay to know when I have a deal on these things! Most of the purses I own retail from anywhere around $50 - $200 per purse depending on the quality and maker.

I feel like showing off some of my collection, so I'll add photos and put rough retail prices on them just for a reference in case anyone is interested in starting collections of their own!

One of the four purses I purchased this weekend. This was priced at $200.

Whiting and Davis pink metal purse with metal expanding opening $40-60

Whiting and Davis small gold metal purse with metal opening $30-50

Metal woven purse with Lucite handle - $35-$50

Whiting and Davis white and gold metal purse - $50-75

Unmarked metal purse with mirror - $50-60

Whiting and Davis silver metal clutch - $25-40

Wooden purse with Lucite handle - $25-40

Wooden butterfly purse with Lucite handle - $15-30

Whiting and Davis gold metal drawstring purse - $40-60

Wooden town purse with Lucite handle - $25-50

Wooden ended purse with woven body - $40-65

Pre 1920s Victorian purse with beading - $65-100

1800s beaded purse - $150-300

Whiting and Davis gold change purse - $15-25

Unmarked 1920's metal purse with fringe - $100-300

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