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Monday, April 22, 2013

A New Online Venue For Buying Local - Zaarly

The buying local movement is growing and there's a new site that's all about helping to connect people with vendors in their area that are providing unique or custom services. Whether you're looking for a new lawn service, some yummy cupcakes or you're interested in a private vintage clothing consultation - Zaarly has it all and it's all in your back yard!

I'm lucky to be in one of the first four cities that Zaarly has focused on here in Kansas City. I'm just starting my Zaarly adventure, but I think you'll find the site and the idea to be quite wonderful!

Here's a link to how Zaarly works: https://www.zaarly.com/howzaarlyworks

In addition to products being available online, Zaarly has started to host monthly Bazaars. The coolest thing about the Bazaars? FREE money!! You heard me! For everyone that registers to attend you'll get $20 to spend with the Zaarly vendors that day at the Bazaar. It's a great way to try out product and support artisans and vendors in your community.

I'll be at the April Zaarly Bazaar - it'll be held on April 28th from 3-6pm at the KC Guild. I'm excited to join this vibrant, growing community and I hope all of you who enjoy buying local will come out and support this new endeavor!

My Zaarly shop - https://www.zaarly.com/vntgbaublesnbits

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