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Monday, May 6, 2013

My Favorite Ways to Wear Vintage Brooches

I posted awhile back about all the wonderful things you can do with vintage brooches (see posts 1-10), but "That brooch is cute, but I never wear brooches" is still one of the most common things I hear at a show. I don't wear brooches the traditional way very often either, so I get it. However - I have a few brooches that I adore and I do wear, but not the way you'd most commonly think!

I rock brooches the most often in two ways - as scarf holders and as necklace accents.

What do I mean by scarf holder? I mean that personally, I'm always frustrated when I get my scarf in just the right shape/style and then the ends start popping out or it comes undone. So I use a vintage brooch to help keep my scarf in just the style I like! This brooch was a part of my great-grandma's collection. It's a vintage Sarah Coventry Owl and my favorite part - the glasses move! I'm such a geek that this brooch makes me happy beyond words :)

My second favorite way to wear brooches is to combine them with vintage necklaces. I love taking two or three complimentary necklaces and then attaching a vintage brooch across them to tie everything together. It makes a statement without being too clunky or heavy and the best part - I can switch the brooch out to compliment any outfit! I personally like using flower brooches for this, but as long as the brooch is big enough, anything works!

What's your favorite way to rock a brooch? Share in the comments below!


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