Monday, April 22, 2013

A New Online Venue For Buying Local - Zaarly

The buying local movement is growing and there's a new site that's all about helping to connect people with vendors in their area that are providing unique or custom services. Whether you're looking for a new lawn service, some yummy cupcakes or you're interested in a private vintage clothing consultation - Zaarly has it all and it's all in your back yard!

I'm lucky to be in one of the first four cities that Zaarly has focused on here in Kansas City. I'm just starting my Zaarly adventure, but I think you'll find the site and the idea to be quite wonderful!

Here's a link to how Zaarly works:

In addition to products being available online, Zaarly has started to host monthly Bazaars. The coolest thing about the Bazaars? FREE money!! You heard me! For everyone that registers to attend you'll get $20 to spend with the Zaarly vendors that day at the Bazaar. It's a great way to try out product and support artisans and vendors in your community.

I'll be at the April Zaarly Bazaar - it'll be held on April 28th from 3-6pm at the KC Guild. I'm excited to join this vibrant, growing community and I hope all of you who enjoy buying local will come out and support this new endeavor!

My Zaarly shop -

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Gifts - The Vintage Shadow Boxes
Back in November I wrote a post that was more of a "How To" feature about making a shadow box with antique baby clothes for a close friend. I enjoyed the process quite a bit and thought - these would make truly lovely, original gifts and quite possibly family heirlooms! I began to pull out the rest of my vintage baby wear and to pick up a few additional pieces.

Here are the fruits of my labor:

If you're interested in a custom order please email me. I can create items with your child's name or an item you have that you'd like to have showcased.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jewelry Organizers - A Fun New Twist

In addition to the suitcase projects I've been working on, I also started making jewelry organizers out of old picture frames and vintage or reclaimed fabrics. I began this project last summer purely for displays for my own vintage jewelry.

I created a three-color scheme set up and painted, cut, drilled, covered and glued a little over a dozen frames in various sizes to create a "jewelry wall" as I like to call it. Each of the frames connects with the others through a series of hooks and hoops and is portable, as I attach them to a clothing rack that's been modified to hold them.

After launching my display I received a lot of compliments on the idea and several people indicated they'd be interested in purchasing jewelry organizing frames if I ever made them to sell. So I began to collect more frames, fabric and of course - spray paint!

I've seen several versions of this idea, but none quite like the ones I've created. Others use lace, which is great for hook earrings, but doesn't work for anything else. I've also seen the frames filled with chicken wire or strands of wire - again, great for hook earrings, but nothing else! I use a really light weight plyboard, cut to fit each frame, then drilled for cup hooks. These are sturdy, can hold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves and more! Or if you don't like the idea of using them for jewelry - they make great entryway hooks for keys and other important items. 

Here's a little view of the process of making the frames:

Painting the frames.

The three-color scheme.
Cutting the boards.
Attaching the fabric.
Assembling the frames.

Finished product.

The jewelry "wall".

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cottages and Bungalows - Blendo Glass Feature

A few weeks back I was contacted by an editor from Cottages and Bungalows magazine after she saw my blog post about my West Virgina Glass Company Blendo collection. This post is probably the most popular post I've ever wrote, mainly because there isn't a lot about West Virginia Glass Company out there. My post had most of the details I could find and lots of photos of my collection. I've even added to it since that post back in 2010.

After several back and forth emails I set up a photo shoot in my house and provided her with a write up about the brand, the Blendo line and tips for collecting. The magazine's May 2013 edition features a three-page spread that showcases Blendo and features many of my photos, quotes and information from me and gives a link back to my Etsy shop!

I can't express how excited I was by this opportunity and I'll be ecstatic if it sparks the collecting bug in other people! There's nothing like a Blendo set to add a punch of color to your decor and serving ware!

Go out and check out the magazine if you can - the edition is all about color and has tons of DIY ideas and tips too!