Friday, March 12, 2010

My West Virginia Glass Blendo Collection

If you've ever gone antiquing with me you'll know my latest favorite thing is West Virginia Glass Company's Blendo glass. This was really popular in the 50s-60s and is relatively easy to find now, but it's still tons of fun to collect!

My first set - this started it all! I bought this blue tall diamond pitcher with six glasses, two green, two orange and two purple. Since then a glass was broken and I stumbled upon some more in a Goodwill and bought them so I would never have to worry about not having enough of them!

This one is a small orange juice pitcher with a set of six multi-colored juice glasses, two green, two pink and two orange.

Another juice set, yellow with four yellow juice glasses.

This one is similar to my first, a light green diamond pitcher with four multi-colored glasses, purple, green, pink and yellow. I added a few of my extras to make this a six piece glass set.

This is my tall boy set! Purple pitcher tall and thin and six tall thin glasses. I found another glass like this at the Kenrick Antique Mall and got it along with two bowls for $1.50.

 Peach round pitcher set with six rounded glasses. These were from an estate that had three sets. I bought two of them, including one still in the original box!

Orange round pitcher and six drinking glasses.

This is a set I pieced together. I bought the glasses on a whim at the Great Western Antique Mall. Then later on I bought the round yellow pitcher at Kenrick Antique Mall on sale and put them all together!

My first non-pitcher buy. I found this salad bowl, salt & pepper shakers and oil & vinegar cruet set in New Mexico when I went there on vacation in May of 2009.

This is the pitcher set I bought in the box. Blue round pitcher and six glasses.

A small juice pitcher and six glasses in green.

Getting into the fun stuff! I found this purple martini shaker and six shot glasses at the Big Bend Antique mall. I was so stoked! It's a little rougher than I buy things normally, but I really liked it.

An Ebay find. I actually question if this is West VA Glass since there isn't any gold edges or rims... but it is pretty! Light red pitcher with no handle, stir stick and six cordial glasses.

I also found this little gem on ebay. Sometimes it's easier to find really difficult items this way. It's not as fun, but it is neat to see what's out there. This is an orange pedestal pitcher and four mini wine glasses.

Yellow salad bowl and six small bowls. This is also one I question if it's West VA Glass. Most of the bowls I've found were like the purple salad bowl above, flared out at the top, down to a narrower bottom.

I'm starting to run out of room now! All my cabinet space at the top of the cabinets are taken and an entire cupboard too! I'm going to need more shelves...

Kenrick Antique Mall

I did pretty well here over President's Day weekend. Most of the stalls had sales of 10-40% off and that was awesome! I probably wouldn't have bought as much as I did if they hadn't had sales!


Pink natural pearls - $12 plus 10% off so purchased for $10.80

Orange West Virginia Glass Pitcher set $65 plus 40% off so purchased for $39

Wooden Butterfly Purse - $5 not on sale, but a great deal!

Yellow Round West Virginia Glass Pitcher - $11.50 plus 25% off so purchased for $8.62 - I added this to a set of four glasses I had purchased earlier at the Great Western Antique Mall in Eureka and completed a set!

While going to check out one of the vendors was putting prices on things and she had one tall purple blendo glass and two bowls. The bowls were in rough shape, but the glass matched one of my other sets and was in good condition. She put $5 for all three items and then 75% off, so I got them for around $1.50!

Not shabby at all for a day's shopping!

Antique Gallery on Manchester

So I found this place to be really over priced. There were so many items that were just crazily priced in this market. I saw a lot of Whiting and Davis purses, but they were all in the $200-500 range! However I did find some random crazy things at this location... I found on the side of the store that was cheaper a Whiting & Davis silver wristlet that was not over priced and purchased it for $29.

My strange findings:

Yes - that is a box of doll hands...

And that's a $150 glass penis... no joke.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Ones That Got Away

So because I'm not filthy rich I often find things I want, but can't afford. This post is dedicated to those...

The antique blue steamer trunk with all the original drawers and hangers for sale for $189... I wish I had the money and room for you!

The wicked cool clock I found... If only there were the funds...

To the wooden owl purse I left behind...

If only I hadn't been outbid! I wanted the purple West Virgina Glass decanter set so badly...

Great Western Antique Mall - Eureka

I spent a rare day off visiting Eureka and going to three antique stores, the Great Western Antique Mall, Wallach House and Eureka Antique Mall. GWA is by far the best of the three for finds. It's huge, has tons of booths and a little bit of everything.

Wallach House was beautiful, it's a completely staged setting, so each room is themed. It's much less cluttered than a consignment shop would be and the furniture and items are exquisite. I thought this place was just beautiful, but one, I don't have the room for large pieces of furniture and two, I don't have the money for them either. This isn't your bag if you're on a budget but they have great pieces.

I was really disappointed in the Eureka Antique Mall. It was so crowded (with stuff) you could barely look at things. However I did see some antique metal purses made by Whiting & Davis and I am now hooked! I found one they wanted $90 for on ebay for $10, got into a bidding war and then realized I was better off on ebay than in most shops finding these little gems. I've since purchased two Whiting & Davis purses, one from ebay and one from a consignment shop. I need to take photos to share!

I did however make out like a bandit at GWA! I found a lot of stuff. I ended up purchasing a yellow blendo bowl (I think it's WV Glass, but can't tell and it's shaped differently than the others I've seen), a green juice pitcher with six glasses from WV Glass.

Treasure Aisle - on Big Bend

I finally had a successful MeetUp for Thrifting and Antiquing! We had seven folks come along to visit both Treasure Aisle and the store next door to it. Both of these shops were huge and had a lot to look through. I took home two items and had one "I wish I had the money for that" moment.

My two finds - a frosted clear fairy lamp and a purple blendo West Virginia Glass Co. martini shaker and shot glasses!

I'll up load photos of these soon!