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Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Spring Fashion Trends

One of my favorite resources for following fashion trends is Elle Magazine online. Each season they put out gorgeous slideshows with runway trends and this spring is no different. I found their Top 10 Trends for Spring slideshow and was most excited about trend number four – 80s low-heel pumps are back!

As a woman who struggles with heels and teeters around quite precariously on anything that’s over two inches, this trend has me stoked to go spring shoe shopping!

For vintage lovers this is a great trend as well. Finding 80s shoes in sizes larger than 7s is much easier than sourcing 50s and 60s shoes for anyone who has feet that aren’t tiny and petite! You’ll find a lot of glam styles with that lovely 80s charm, but stay away from the neons and leg warmers!

Elle's Top 10 Trends for Spring:

  • Designer DIY
  • Logos on Everything
  • 90s Minimalist
  • 80s Low Heel Pump
  • Board Shorts
  • Tribal Influenced Clothing
  • Ear Cuffs and Funky Earrings
  • Rose Gold
  • Bright, Bold Metallics

  • Eyebrow Arch Makeup

    What trend are you most excited about this Spring? Post in the comments below!

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