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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vintage Item of the Week - October 8th

Vintage Compact / 1960's Powder Compact / Pell Compact with Pink Flowers


This is a lovely vintage Pell compact with pink flowers. It is a square compact, opened by a little latch on the front that you press in. The compact is made of gold tone with a lovely pink flower design on the top. On the inside of the compact there is a mirror and a powder applicator, there is also a little bit of powder still left inside.

The compact would make the perfect "something old" for your wedding - easy to keep in a clutch and carry around with you on your special day!


Length: 2" x 2"


Style: Powder Compact

Label: Pell

Material: Metal and mirror

Colors: Gold with a pink and gold flower pattern

Condition: Some metal patina, otherwise great condition


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