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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life Lessons Through Vintage

Awhile back when my grandfather was first diagnosed with terminal cancer I sat down and wrote a blog post about what it meant to me and how it took hearing the news about his cancer to realize that my grandpa had been a huge inspiration and sort of the kick start to how I began collecting vintage. It was this collecting passion that led me to my little business and that has become a very integral part of my life.

I was honored the other day when I submitted my post about my grandpa and what I had learned in the now almost two years I've been a vintage clothing, vintage jewelry and vintage accessories seller on Etsy to another vintage expert and she was interested in publishing it on her blog. Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage, not only showcases great vintage clothing and vintage retail experience, she's a firm believer in empowering others to do their very best and to succeed in our journeys of promoting vintage love. Through this message she's featuring stories that have inspired other vintage sellers to start their journeys in this crazy world of vintage retail.

The wonderful thing about Sammy is that she has a knack for taking stories like mine and turning them into lessons that other vintage sellers can learn from. She's taken my original blog post and tweaked it into a great lesson on building a brand for your vintage business. Take a peek at how she's turned my post into something wonderful, complete now with photos and more background history!

I'd love to read comments from you all about what inspires you - even if it isn't in vintage! Post your inspirations below!

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