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Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Idea - Private Vintage Shopping Experiences and Vintage Shopping Parties

The other day I posted about my ideas for loyalty programs and rewarding good customers and that sparked my thinking about offering the "custom picking" service. I've decided to take it a step further - not only can I do searches for vintage pieces you may like/want for you, but I can also provide private vintage shopping experiences and vintage shopping party opportunities!

I've done the private shopping experience once and it was a lot of fun. I had a customer who couldn't make it out to a flea market I was at, but really wanted to look at some of the vintage dresses I had to offer. I set up an appointment and she came to the house to review the dresses and make her selection. It was a lot of fun and a nice personal way to share vintage with someone. So I thought - why not make this offer a little more known and today I posted several Craigslist listings to promote the idea here in St. Louis.

Then I had a second brilliant thought - why not offer to host shopping parties!?!? They're currently very popular, but I find them to be so high pressure - so offering a low key way for you and your girlfriends to browse vintage finds, try things on and treasure hunt in your own living room sounded like a blast!

Here are the details/my Craigslist posting:

If you're a female in 2011 it's bound to be true - you've most likely been invited to some sort of shopping party - Mary Kay, Tupperware, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Park Lane and the list goes on and on and on. These parties can be tons of fun, but there's always pressure to buy, expensive items you don't really want/need, but you feel guilty about or if you buy more then you can earn something you actually do want. Well this is my twist on the idea, with a little less pressure - host a vintage trunk sale party!

If you love glitzy, pretty, lacy, girlie items from the 1920s - 1980s I've got items for you! The party host can come view my inventory (I run a small, home-based vintage company called Vintage Baubles & Bits), select specific items, a theme/era or style of items you'd like brought to the party and I'll pack them up and bring them to you the night of your party. My inventory includes vintage costume jewelry, clothing, shoes, purses, belts, gloves, scarves, hats, mirrors/compacts, handbags, clutches, box purses, lingerie and more! There's no charge, no obligation to buy, no pressure to host another party and best yet - no pyramid scheme! I'm not out to create a host of minion vintage sellers :) Of course items will be for sale that night - but it's also about the fun!

I love finding vintage treasures, trying on fancy items and experiencing the nostalgia of the past - which is why I got into vintage myself!

To see a sample of my inventory you can view my Etsy shop - search for VintageBaublesnBits or read my blog on Blogger - search for thriftinginthelou.

I also do private shopping experiences if you'd like to set up an appointment to come by and see for yourself. Just email me with the types of items you're interested in, any size specifications and dates and times you're available (after 6pm during the week please!).

So if you or your friends are interested in something like this comment on the post or email me at mandyheth@gmail.com and we'll see what we can work out!

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