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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Tip on Making Vintage Earrings Usable to the Masses

The other day I received a "convo" or a message on Etsy from an Etsy buyer who was interested in knowing if I would convert a pair of vintage clip on earrings into post earrings. I've never done this before myself - so I didn't feel comfortable doing it with the pair she was interested in in case I messed it up, but I did start doing some research on how to go about it and wanted to share the link I found most helpful. 

The two biggest things I learned from this site:

1) Have the right tools and supplies. The two stores I tend to frequent when looking for this type of stuff are JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels (where October is Jewelry Month! Check out the events they have at your local store). They both have pretty large jewelry making sections now and both offer similar pricing and coupons! Who doesn't love a good coupon?

2) It's all about proper balance of the posts. Sometimes the center is great for a clip, but not for the weight of a post. Before you attach a post be sure to look in the mirror and see where the earring would rest depending on where you place the post and use that to judge your placement. 

Has anyone else tried to convert clips themselves? Any tips to share?

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