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Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Venture

So it's official, I now have a small business! My hobby can now serve as a tax write off! As of the end of August I am now the proud "owner" of Vintage Baubles & Bits, a vintage retail business. Now that I'm official I've decided to up my game in the advertising and promotion department and really try to start establishing a customer base. Not exactly sure the best route to go about doing this - but I'm using this blog, the case I have at Wallach House, my items on Ebay  and now a new Etsy shop to round things out.

I've also started developing some promotional materials, I'll take some photos and post those later this week when they arrive, but I've started using Vista Print for developing custom items. So I have some business cards, a pen, notebook, small window clings, banner, t-shirt and hoodie all coming my way with a logo and design I selected from the site. I'm trying to make it all cohesive and connected. Hopefully this will start to get the business some recognition and grow a base of buyers that I can start to rely on for more steady interactions.

Here's to some optimistic growth!

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