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Friday, March 12, 2010

Kenrick Antique Mall

I did pretty well here over President's Day weekend. Most of the stalls had sales of 10-40% off and that was awesome! I probably wouldn't have bought as much as I did if they hadn't had sales!


Pink natural pearls - $12 plus 10% off so purchased for $10.80

Orange West Virginia Glass Pitcher set $65 plus 40% off so purchased for $39

Wooden Butterfly Purse - $5 not on sale, but a great deal!

Yellow Round West Virginia Glass Pitcher - $11.50 plus 25% off so purchased for $8.62 - I added this to a set of four glasses I had purchased earlier at the Great Western Antique Mall in Eureka and completed a set!

While going to check out one of the vendors was putting prices on things and she had one tall purple blendo glass and two bowls. The bowls were in rough shape, but the glass matched one of my other sets and was in good condition. She put $5 for all three items and then 75% off, so I got them for around $1.50!

Not shabby at all for a day's shopping!

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